Steps Become a Vigilante

Become a Vigilante
Authority is never perfect at keeping civilians safe from crime; sometimes its up to the civilians themselves to take arms and protect each other. Engaging in vigilante justice is not to be taken lightly; chances are, as a vigilante, you’ll end up breaking the law yourself. But if you’re just curious about what it takes to be a vigilante, start from step 1 below to learn more.

Part 1 of 2:Understanding the Mindset

1. Realize you cannot be easily intimidated

Realize you cannot be easily intimidated. You’re going to be facing society’s lowest who possibly could have been living off stealing, rape and murder to the point where it’s justified to them. Stay cool, you need to be convinced mentally that you are superior to them in every way possible, but be ready to back it up physically.

2. Be vigilant

Be vigilant. Clue is in the name: you need to be on your guard, knowing where crime is likely to happen, the likely verdicts of a crime and most importantly, to make sure you don’t chase down a person who just started a play fight with their friend.

3. Know your area

Know your area. Chances are, if you start chasing someone who’s just pulled a crime on another, they may try to vacate the area if they’re not stupid enough to try and stand and defend themselves. When this happens, you need to know all the possible routes the could take and where you can head them off and where you can keep at them without losing them.

4. Don’t break the law

Don’t break the law. At least, not too much. You’re trying to be better than the criminal, that means you should deal with them in a rational manner. If you catch up to them, don’t start beating them to a bloody pulp, deal enough to let them know that they didn’t get away with breaking the law, and they can expect the same if they try again.

5. Be realistic

Be realistic. Vigilantes don’t work like in movies. Simply watching a marathon of Batman, V For Vendetta, etc movies isn’t going to prepare you for real life scenarios. In movies, the skills and abilities of such characters are greatly exaggerated. Once you confront a criminal, the only difference between you and him is mindset and physical ability. Chances are, you can get hurt, possibly killed if you try and follow your favourite fictional superhero’s footsteps.

Part 2 of 2:Being Equipped

1. Choose your weapon

Choose your weapon. Simply hunting bad guys with your two fists isn’t going to get you far if your target pulls out a knife or gun on you. Make sure to keep it exclusively non-lethal, yet concealable. Civilian tasers are a natural choice, if not available, telescopic batons are also very practical and effective. Your options are not limited to these two of course, but keep in mind your weapon’s requirements.
Also keep in mind you cannot take any form of firearm of sharp weapons; you aren`t Frank Castle but more like Daredevil as he doesn`t kill his opponents. Blunt but light objects like a staff that can become a baton are ideal as they cover long range and close range combat.

2. Train yourself

Train yourself. You need to be at your physical peak, jog, sprint, take up martial arts, as much as you can cram into your system. It’ll mean the difference between life and death during a confrontation.

3. Have an item of clothing to preserve anonymity

Have an item of clothing to preserve anonymity. Chances are, the person you just saved would be questioned by the police about your appearance. Masks are rather conspicuous, apparel like hoodies and brimmed hats are as effective as they are discardable.

4. Recruit members

Recruit members. Your close friends may feel the same way about the adequacy of authority and be willing to fight crime alongside you. The more members you have, the better it is, but make sure you are all well co-ordinated and they accept the leader’s authority.