How Hydro Power Plants Work?

Hydroelectric power plant is one type of power plant that utilizes the potential energy of water to produce electrical energy. In general, the workings of a Hydro Power Plant are basically utilizing the potential energy and kinetic energy of water which will eventually become electrical energy. So it is not wrong if the use of … Read more

What is a solar panel or solar cell?

Solar Cell is a component that can be used to convert sunlight energy into electrical energy using a principle called the photovoltaic effect. The photovoltaic effect itself is a phenomenon in which an electric voltage arises due to a connection or contact of two electrodes, both of which are connected to a solid or liquid … Read more

What are Biofuels? This is the Definition of Biofuel and its Types

  There are many fuels on Earth, one of which is biofuel. Biofuels are fuels made from living things, usually plants. Biofuels are environmentally friendly fuels. Biofuels can be divided into several types, namely bioethanol, biodiesel, and biogas. • Bioethanol Bioethanol is alcohol derived from plants, such as wheat, sugar cane, corn, cassava, sweet potatoes, … Read more

Examples of Environmentally Friendly Technologies and Their Functions

Environmental technology is a concept to achieve certain goals. Where in its implementation refers to environmental factors. Currently, technological developments are increasingly rapid, starting in the fields of agriculture, large industry, and household scale industries. Improper use of technology can cause environmental damage. The existence of this technology aims to provide convenience and fulfillment of … Read more

Understanding Technology According to Experts, Know the Benefits and Types

In this era of technological development, many people have used technology in their daily activities. Various sectors have also used technology to help their activities. In general, the notion of technology is science that studies skills in creating tools to processing methods to help complete various human jobs. Experts also have their own understanding of … Read more