Make Rum This is an instruction set detailing how to make rum at home. It takes about 4-10 days to complete. This instruction set includes instructions for making rum, a link for making a reflux still of your own, and a link for dilution of the final product. Rum has been in production since the … Read more

Making Bread with a Rice Cooker

Make Rice Cooker Bread Despite what their name implies, you can use rice cookers to prepare a number of tasty treats. The little machines can work miracles for those with limited space, or they can simply keep things interesting in the kitchen. One of the best ways to use a rice cooker is by making … Read more

Make Razor Blades Last Longer

Make Razor Blades Last Longer Shaving can be a hassle for a lot of reasons, including the never-ending costs of replacing razors and blades. When used daily, a typical disposable razor blade will only provide a close, smooth shave for 10 days to 14 days, a fact that greatly influences how manufacturer’s price razors. They … Read more

How to Make Protein Pancakes

Make Protein Pancakes Protein pancakes are an excellent option if you’re trying to cut some calories while eating a delicious meal. They use protein powder in place of flour to create healthier pancakes, and can be easily customized using your favorite fruits or breakfast toppings. Protein pancakes are an excellent way to get your daily … Read more

Floating on Your Back While Swimming

Float on Your Back Floating on your back is a great way to get more comfortable in the water and to have fun relaxing on your back without the full effort of swimming. To float on your back, you have to position your head, upper body, and lower body correctly. Not only is floating on … Read more

Flip Someone off with Style

Flip Someone off with Style Flipping someone off is a classic nonverbal signal for showing anger and frustration toward a person. You might “flip the bird” to someone who has cut you off, insulted you, or otherwise provoked your ire. At its simplest, flipping someone off is just pointedly displaying your middle finger in their … Read more

How to Flatten Crumpled Paper

Flatten Crumpled Paper Have a piece of paper you wish you hadn’t sat on, wadded up, folded by mistake, or even turned into a paper-airplane? It will usually look presentable and usable after wetting it slightly with distilled water, then pressing it between heavy books, or ironing it under a towel. These methods do risk … Read more

Fix the Blue Screen of Death on Windows

Fix the Blue Screen of Death on Windows This site teaches you how to fix the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD, Black screen in Windows 11) on a Windows computer. The BSoD is typically a result of improperly installed software, hardware, or settings, meaning that it is usually fixable. In some cases, though, the BSoD … Read more

Fix an American Girl Doll

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Fix a Toilet on a Flushometer That Keeps Flushing

Fix a Toilet on a Flushometer That Keeps Flushing A flushometer is what is used to flush commercial toilets. These are often found in restaurants, offices, sports stadiums, etc. They usually work really well. However, if you notice that something is wrong, it will be fairly obvious, as the flushometer will constantly be running water … Read more