How to Make Watermelon Jello Shots

Make Watermelon Jello Shots Watermelon gelatin that is set and served inside lime peels gives these shots the festive appearance of miniature watermelons. Method 1 of 2:Using Watermelon Gelatin 1. Using a juicer, juice the limes Using a juicer, juice the limes. Let the juice drop through a sieve into a bowl so that you … Read more

How to Make Water in the Desert

Make Water in the Desert Dehydration can set in quickly in the desert. If you are lost in a barren landscape you can actually extract water from soil or plants through the process of condensation, using the techniques described below. It’s not really “making” water, but it’ll be lifesaving nonetheless. Method 1 of 2:Pit-style Solar … Read more

How to Make Vodka Soaked Strawberries

Make Vodka Soaked Strawberries Soaking strawberries in vodka for at least 1 hour will infuse the fruit with vodka flavor. You can then use the berries as a topping for ice cream, as a filling for pies, or freeze them and add them to adult smoothies. Choose strawberries that are fresh, ripe and in season … Read more

How to Make Vodka Gummy Bears

Make Vodka Gummy Bears Soaking gummy bears in vodka creates an adult twist on a popular snack, and some mighty tipsy bears! You can also use other gummy candies, like worms, in the recipe. And just like people, expect the bears to swell slightly as they soak up that vodka. (Expect the bears to have … Read more

How to Make Thermite

Make Thermite Thermite is a material used in welding to melt metals together. It’s a mixture of metallic aluminum and iron oxide (ferric oxide), which produces molten iron after a redox reaction. When the aluminum and oxygen in the mixture combine, the thermite will ignite, generating high temperatures. It burns at around 2,200 °C (3,990 °F) and … Read more

Make the Chinese Staircase Bracelet

Make the Chinese Staircase Bracelet Want to make a gift for your friends? Give them a Chinese Staircase friendship bracelet and tell them you made it yourself! The fact that you put time and effort into making them a personalized gift will make it all the more special. They’ll be sure to treasure it forever. … Read more

Make Your Own Sushi Rice

Make Sushi Rice If you love sushi but you’ve never made it yourself, you’re missing out! Learn how to make sushi rice yourself to enjoy your favorite treat at home. Steps : 1. Purchase the correct rice Purchase the correct rice. Sushi is usually made with special Japanese white hulled sushi rice, commonly called sushi … Read more

How to Make Sugar Wax

Make Sugar Wax Whether you want to hop on the sugaring trend from TikTok or just want to save money on waxing, we’ve got you covered! You can make sugar wax with 3 simple ingredients and do your own waxing at home. All you need is granulated white sugar, lemon juice, and water. Sugar wax … Read more


Make Sugar Rockets A sugar rocket is a simple home project that uses potassium nitrate or KNO3 and powdered sugar as fuel. While it’s easy to make a sugar rocket, it’s also very dangerous, so use caution throughout your project. To build your rocket, you’ll need to make a rocket body out of heavy paper. … Read more


Make Skeleton Leaves Skeleton leaves are beautiful, delicate, lacy leaves used for scrapbooking, decoupage, and other crafts. They can be used to study different parts of a leaf and can be expensive to buy, but they are surprisingly easy to make. Not only can you save lots of money by making them at home, but … Read more